IT Services

Digital Personae has the entrepreneurial experience to quickly learn your business, understand your needs and precisely fit the solution to the technology. Hiring Digital Personae is much like hiring your own Information Technology staff--but at a fraction of the cost. We will visit your business, talk with your people, learn your processes and improve them. We will be available for questions, training, installation and any problems that may surface with your software, servers, pc's, network or ISP's. We can act as your IT architects, negotiate your purchases and vet technology sales companies. We can help you to hire the right people at the right time and implement the optimal software solutions for your business.

Customer Service:

Better communication with the customer means better relationships, stronger loyalties and increased growth. We can help with programs that keep the customer in the loop and gives your sales personnel the feedback necessary to grow profits and the tools to optimize their time.

Business Evaluation:

Understanding quickly what works and what doesn't may be the key to reacting at the speed of your changing environment. Building real time dashboards will allow managers to measure and value marketing efficacy, spot expense and revenue changes and react to competitive opportunities. Owners and managers can then implement and prove new ideas that will give your company the best chances of success.

Report Generation and Presentation:

Know who your best customers are and entice them to increase business, know your worst bill payers and put your company in the best position to be paid earlier, and learn about the customers your missing. Report generation and the accompanying presentation is about gathering the right data and presenting it in multiple ways so you can make quick judgments that are well founded and supported. Learn from the demographic profiles of your customers.


Digital Personae will put temporary expertise at your business as needed. If we cannot supply the exact need from our in-house expertise, we will find what you need from our network of affiliates or the community-at-large. Carefully vetting potential personnel for your needs.


On behalf of your company, Digital Personae will seek out the best deal based on your companies requirements. We have the expertise, experience and methodology to give you the choices that will save you time and money.

Help Line:

Digital Personae is your business tech help line allowing your personnel to focus on their job description and not waste time on how to get the job done or what tools to use. We have extensive experience with multiple software platforms and products and what we don't know we will research and find the right solution.

Training and Documentation:

Is your business losing important time because you don't have IT processes well documented, because your personnel don't know how to use the technology in place optimally? We will monitor procedures, discuss methodologies and build the documentation and training materials you need to reference when the time comes. Either online videos, in person or a combination of both, the ability for personnel to quickly solve their problems and get the job done pays dividends.

Open Source:

If your business is not investing in open source your wasting money! It's just that simple. No longer bleeding edge, many open source platforms are superior to closed source vendor offerings. Most closed source vendors offer bells and whistles that are seldom or never used and neglect to compare themselves to the free offerings. Of course, there are cases where either commercial-off-the-shelf or custom software is necessary for your business model to best succeed and Digital Personae will help you to know those applications (open source, COTS, custom) best suited for your business.

It's all about the bottom line and Digital Personae will optimize your expenses so you can grow your business faster and better.