"Helping to keep your business running smoothly and successfully, more than web site builders; we're IT."

  • Web Design, Database Design, Graphics Design utilizing Flex/Flash/Actionscript, Ruby/Rails, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mysql, Postrges, Oracle, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
  • Open Source experts, researching, testing and integrating hundreds of open source products such as Linux, Apache, Tomcat, TrixBox, Flex, and many others.
  • Available for Technology Assessments and Technology and General Business Consulting.
  • Flexible Billing--Purchase Blocks of hours with/without a detailed scope of work, Fixed cost with a detailed scope of work, or hourly.
  • All sites come with site/page tracking and statistics.
  • Any site can be secured via single sign in or user/group protection and/or encryption.
  • Hosting services available via bluehost or your own ISP

Jon Tiemann

Systems Architect / Proprietor

After graduating from the University of Maryland [1984] with a Degree in Physics and studies in Electrical Engineering I immediately began a development and integration company. Growing to 12 employees, we developed relational databases management systems for medical clinics, completed systems analysis and technology integration assessments and/or technology implementations for Washington DC area companies and even offered systems support for executives.

Following the sale of my company to a client in 1989 I settled in Florida and shortly thereafter opened one of the first Linux based systems sales and support groups in the Sarasota area. Always a software/hardware enthusiast I consistently researched new technologies and developed with new, mostly open source software. [Although Oracle, BEA, Informix, Microsoft, IBM, CA, Borland and many others were always in my sights.]

Moving to Charlottesville in 2000, The need for an internet/intranet software development company for individual, small businesses and local government was apparent. Utilizing emerging, mostly open source technologies we started web site building, integration and branding for online and brick and mortar stores and marketing, followed by office management, sales and crm, ticketing, collaboration, telecommuting and information management. Always aware of emerging technologies we continue to study the landscape and look for the best software for the job and then implement the best of these new and constantly improving technologies.

Brendan Murphy


I graduated from James Madison University with a Degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. I began working with Digital Personae upon moving to Charlottesville after graduation in early 2002. Over the past 7 years I've designed and programmed websites and RIAs utilizing my technical know-how supplemented by my design background. My training and knowledge covers several areas of expertise: Print Design, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flex, Flash, and Actionscript. I'm always looking to integrate cutting edge concepts and solutions in design and website programming.

Their are many paths that can be taken to solve the same problem, but I believe Digital Personae is equipped to find and manage the best solution from start to finish based on your individual needs.